Fire Bracelet without compass

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Fire Bracelet without compass


" I am Calix and my name means Handsome Warrior. I am in 2nd grade. I hope you enjoy my products. I make them all with love."

Handsome Warrior Products is my son Calix's business. He makes all the products with the oversight of my husband or myself to ensure quality. Each bracelet is already made so the product you see on here is what you are getting. These bracelets use 8 feet of 550 paracord with a fire buckle. These bracelets are a full fire starting kit in one bracelet. Buckle comes with ferro rod and striker and the braid has fire cord (the red cord inside the black cord) woven through it. Once removed and roughed up, the red fire cord will light right up with a spark...even when wet.! Available with and without compass.

Large size is 8 inches long and Extra Large is 9 inches long.

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